If you want to get into commercial acting in L.A. – this is your guidebook.
Shaan's Book: Commercial Acting in L.A.: A Session Director's Guide

Having directed audition sessions for over four hundred national commercial spots for dozens of L.A.’s top casting directors, Shaan Sharma is a well-known veteran of his industry. Now Shaan is looking to help actors better navigate their way through the commercial acting business with his new book, sharing tips and information he has discovered over the past fifteen years. It's a quick, fun and easy read. Regardless of experience level, ‘A Session Director's Guide to Commercial Acting in L.A.’ contains insider knowledge that will help actors better understand the process and be more successful. INTENDED FOR MATURE READERS.

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Learn how to become a successful working actor in TV commercials in Los Angeles in this fun step-by-step guide by top Casting Session Director and commercial actor Shaan Sharma. The book covers everything you need to know about the business, what you need to get started, how to get the right training, and walks you through the entire process of auditioning, booking and shooting projects; all from an insider's point of view. Even veterans will learn useful tips for converting more auditions into bookings. If you don't know the information in this book, you're probably losing work. Includes great Illustrations by Paul Loudon.’

The book is already getting rave reviews from actors:

“If you are serious about acting, you must read this. I do everything he says in this book. That’s why I “book” work and I'm living the dream but most of all I'm having fun! He covers EVERYTHING you need to know. Any actor needs to read this, not just commercial actors. Shaan’s book is fun, entertaining, informative, clear and easy to follow. A GREAT READ! Loved it!” - Craig Cooper

Well organized, incredibly informative. Everything I wish I had been told when I first moved to LA and started pursuing a commercial career.” - Jolene Kay

Shaan speaks candidly not only from his standpoint as a casting professional, but also as a professional, successful, working actor himself. His input, advice, experience, and wisdom are invaluable. Bravo. A must read.” - Douglas Sidney

“As an actor who has carved out a nice theatrical career and only dabbled in the commercial world, this book is a concise, insightful (and hilarious) A-to-Z handbook how to enter and succeed in the commercial acting world. The great thing about this book is that it is written by a successful commercial actor who also runs commercial casting sessions, so it is beyond credible. I look forward to putting all of Shaan's tips and advice into action and booking s--t tons of work!” - Chad Collins